Bennington alumni work as artists, animators, designers, directors, producers, showrunners, and in many other facets of the art, film and TV industries. Many film/video alumni remain connected to Bennington by offering annual Field Work Term internships to current students, including producer Erik Holmberg ’86 (Legion), executive Bryn Mooser ’01 (RYOT/XTR), and director/producer Cameo Wood ’08 (Charming Stranger Films), while others have returned to visit classes, screen their work, and meet with current students (Debra Eisenstadt ’91, SJ Chiro ’87, Alethea Root ’03).

Notable alumni working professionally in animation include Svetla Gressak ’01 (Blue Sky), Sophie Ohara ’03 (Pixar), Zoe Chevat ’08, and Heather Rodgers ’15 (Rooster Teeth). Notable Visual Arts alumni incorporating video into their practices include Maren Hassinger ’69, Perry Hoberman ’77, Eve Sussman ’84, Tom Sachs ’89, Anna Gaskell ’92, and Heather Dewey-Hagborg ’03.