Sue Rees

Sue Rees has exhibited her set designs, animations, installations, and video works worldwide and has worked collaboratively with choreographers, directors, and musicians in the United States, Europe, and India.

Jen Liu

Jen Liu is a New York-based visual artist working in video, performance, and painting, on topics of national identity, economy, and the re-motivating of archival artifacts. She is a 2017 recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship in Film/Video, as well as the NYSCA/NYFA Fellowship in Digital/Electronic Art.

Mariam Ghani

Mariam Ghani is an artist, writer, and filmmaker. Her work looks at places and moments where social, political and cultural structures take on visible forms, and spans video, sound, installation, photography, performance, text and data. Her feature-length documentary What We Left Unfinished premiered at the 2019 Berlinale.

Visiting Faculty

Robby Gilbert

Robby Gilbert is an artist interested in the intersections of multiple creative practices.

Kate Purdie

In her work as a documentary filmmaker and film editor, Kate Purdie focuses on finding and portraying insights into the human experience by delving into lives and ideas that speak to themes of work, family, and community.

Technical Instructor in Video and Design/Animation

John Crowe

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Each term the video faculty design the courses for the students to learn and build their video and animation skills.